LG Cloud Device

LG Cloud Device.

All-in-One Thin Clients and Desktop Thin Clients.

Cloud as far as the eye can see.

With innovative and compatible LG hardware, you can also make the final leap into the cloud environment. Forget old desktop models and high-maintenance mini PCs. LG Cloud monitors smooth your way into the cloud without any need for additional hardware. With All-in-One Thin Clients and Desktop Thin Clients, you can take care of business easily, economically and without the need for huge amounts of power. Perfect for Igel OS, Stratodesk and all browser-supported services in the cloud, you save time and money and can work more comfortably than from a tiny notebook—especially when working from home.


Admin is a doddle with LG Cloud Device Manager.

LG Cloud Device Manager enables the simple and intuitive management of thin client devices. The dashboard gives IT managers a complete overview of all installed LG Thin Clients. By allowing centralised control and management, the Cloud Device Manager opens the door to potential time and money savings.

LG Cloud Device Monitor

Fully compatible with established solutions.

With All-in-One Thin Clients and Desktop Thin Clients, you can fulfil your cloud computing requirements easily, economically, without the need for huge amounts of power, but with extensive compatibility:

LG Cloud Device

All-in-One Thin Clients and Desktop Thin Clients at a glance:

Simply smarter.

  • Tidy desktops thanks to minimal hardware and software
  • Lower energy and maintenance costs
  • Outstanding picture quality thanks to LG AH-IPS technology.

Simply more secure.

  • Easy central administration
  • Secure cloud storage and no local backups required
  • Always the most up-to-date cloud service software
  • Optimised collaboration between teams.

Simply ergonomic.

  • Flexible and ergonomic height, tilt, pan and pivot adjustments
  • Comfortable reading experience with LG Reader Mode
  • LG Flicker Safe technology reduces eye strain
  • Intelligent settings and profiles with OnScreen Control software.

LG Cloud devices are the perfect solutions for most application areas.

LG Cloud Device Einsatzbereiche



IPS display technology.

IPS (in-plane switching) provides for more viewing comfort optimises reading when researching, reviewing documents and collaborating on diagrams. Even when viewing from wide angles, content and colours are crystal-clear.

From thin clients to zero clients, LG All-in-One Cloud Devices all have TN instead of VA panels built into their IPS displays, so users can enjoy maximum viewing comfort and work more efficiently no matter the model.

LG All-in-One Thin Clients with IPS displays are ideal for use in offices and are available as 37.5", 34", 27" and 23.8" models. Choose the size that best suits your needs and enjoy fantastic picture quality without colour distortion.

Cloud infrastructures boost security.

When existing tools are replaced by cloud devices, security is given a boost, as a cloud environment is more secure than standard PC infrastructures. A cloud environment allows you to establish an integrated infrastructure and keeps operating costs to a minimum while bolstering security.

Most importantly, data information can be managed and protected in a cloud environment on a central server, eliminating the need to store important data on individual PCs.

Corporate security statistics.*


36 %

of data leaks were caused by intruders

64 %

of data leaks were caused by insiders

51 %

of leaks were as a result of employee carelessness

64 %

were caused by not taking sufficient care when working remotely.

* Sources: Infowatch, A Study on Global Data Leaks (2019). ZDNet, Cybersecurity: Half of employees admit they are cutting corners when working from home (2020).

All-in-One Thin Clients and Desktop Thin Clients with Windows 10 IoT.

LG AiO Cloud Monitor  LG Thin Client

All LG Cloud products listed are also available without a pre-installed operating system.