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Transforming how the world uses information
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Micron Technology is a world leader in innovating memory and storage solutions that accelerate the transformation of information into intelligence. Our more than 40,000 team members, in 17 different countries, work with countless customers to innovate every day and pursue the products that will shape how we live and work tomorrow.

Increased productivity and higher work rate.

Crucial SSDs designed for the consumer market are much faster and more reliable than traditional hard drives.

Enhance system performance with long-life energy efficient solid state drives (SSDs) for client and home use. SSDs access data in near real-time and are much faster and more reliable that traditional hard drives. Crucial® SSDs are equipped with NAND flash memory and also come with outstanding customer support. They are available in various form factors, price classes and capacities to suit all your needs.

Quality assurance.

Committed to quality and innovation.

50,000+ patents

and growing, advancing memory and storage technology with Micron reliability.

Customer support.

Web and personal support thanks to an experienced network of sales staff.

43+ years of manufacturing excellence

– A world leader in innovating memory and storage solutions.

Consistent portfolio.

Constant supply from a trusted, experienced manufacturer.

Optimised SSDs take advantage of optimised NAND technology. As the creator of the industry’s broadest portfolio of SATA SSDs—and the world’s first QLC SSD—Micron answers critical data storage needs with world-tested solutions. Micron is positioned to be a leader in the technology world as artificial intelligence, deep learning, and other big data applications mature.

Micron® 5400 Series SATA SSDs.

Proven SATA solutions.

The Micron® 5400 is the world’s first data centre SATA SSD built with 3D 176-layer TLC NAND43, delivering 50% better reliability and 67% more endurance than typical data centre SATA drives in capacities ranging from 240 GB to a class-leading 7.68 TB.

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Micron® 7400 Series NVMe SSDs.

Powerful performance, first-rate flexibility.

Servers are rapidly migrating from legacy data centre technologies to NVM Express™ (NVMe) and flash-optimised form factors to maximize performance, reduce costs and provide a secure platform for virtualisation, containers, cloud, software-defined storage and more.

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Micron® 7450 Series NVMe SSD.

Performance. Power. Precision.

The Micron 7450 SSD enables advanced storage solutions with multiple form factors, capacities up to 16 TB-class, and multiple security options. Software defined storage, database and virtualisation solutions excel on the Micron 7450, thanks to its PCIe® Gen4 throughput, low latency, and excellent quality-of-service.

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Micron® 9400 NVMe SSD.

The new performance leader for data centre workloads.

The Micron 9400 SSD sets a new performance standard for PCIe® Gen4 storage. It delivers exceptional performance that surpasses other major competitors up to 2.3 times mixed workload performance and improves power efficiency up to 77%. The Micron 9400 is available in industry-leading capacities up to 30.72 TB―which enables maximum rack-level storage density.

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Accelerate your time to market with quality DRAM components.

From cloud to consumer, Micron has the perfect solution to boost business application performance. Micron DRAM is compatible with OEM servers, workstations and warranties and also supports the Mac Pro line. Quality tested to mission-critical server and workstation standards and delivered with a 3-year limited warranty.

Micron DDR5 Server Memory.

DDR5 – More than a generational jump.

Speed up next-generation application performance with Micron® DDR5 server DRAM—more than a generational jump in memory innovation

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Micron DDR4 Server Memory.

Speed up your servers and workstations.

Speed up applications and get more out of your IT budget with Micron® Server DRAM. Maximising installed memory capacity with Micron server and workstation memory is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to make your deployments faster and more efficient.

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