NoSpamProxy® – Convenient security for your complete e-mail communication.

Cyber attacks have become part of everyday life for companies all over the world. The possible consequences of such an attack range from complete paralysis of your business, damages claimed by affected customers to reputational damage. With the conventional e-mail still being the main gateway for cyber attacks, there is reason enough to always keep this weak link absolutely secure. NoSpamProxy is the modular gateway solution in the Bechtle portfolio for a secure e-mail communication—tried and tested in well over 100 Bechtle customer projects.

Complete protection against spam – With NoSpamProxy Protection.

NoSpamProxy Protection categorically rejects problematic e-mails. NoSpamProxy Protection scans e-mails as soon as they reach the first SMTP gateway, classifying inbound e-mails using a variety of anti-spam filters and effectively ensuring complete protection against spam and malware.  Only non-hazardous e-mails are allowed to pass the anti-spam gateway What’s more, if a trusted e-mail is blocked, NoSpamProxy Protection informs the sender about the failed delivery. This makes NoSpamProxy one of the few anti-spam solutions compliant with strict German laws (particularly in accordance with Art. 206 of the StGB [Criminal Code] and Art. 88 of the Telecommunications Act).

  • No quarantine folder
  • Less work for IT administrators
  • Innovative Level of Trust technology
  • Content Disarm and Reconstruction
  • Sender reputation management
  • Cyren Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Engine
  • Optional Sandbox service

Effective e-mail encryption - With NoSpamProxy Encryption.

Centralised signing of e-mails and e-mail encryption at the NoSpamProxy Encryption gateway enable easy yet secure communication between you and your business partners. Since keys and certificates are managed on the gateway and not on the client machines, the cumbersome handling of electronic keys is no longer necessary, private keys are optimally protected against attacks and corporate governance policies are automatically enforced. Incoming mails are also decrypted at the gateway and are made available to the intended recipients, enabling smartphone and tablet access via TLS-encrypted connections, as well as archiving of unencrypted e-mails.

  • S/MIME signature and encryption
  • PGP mail encryption
  • DOI (for communication between authorities linked to DOI)
  • Securely send documents with the PDF Mail feature
  • De-Mail (for communication between De-Mail users)

Send large files via e-mail - With NoSpamProxy Large Files.

NoSpamProxy Large Files allows you to transfer files of any size directly from your e-mail client, bypassing its size restrictions with just a single click and without the need to toggle between different applications. The solution is straightforward and similar to sending conventional attachments. In contrast to widely-used file transfer services, files are delivered via your own web server with SSL encrypted communication thus meeting security-critical business requirements and IT governance policies. Send large files via e-mail – It’s easy with NoSpamProxy Large Files!

  • Transfer large files directly from the e-mail client.
  • High security thanks to TLS encryption
  • Simple and fast, without switching between applications
  • Reduced workload on your existing e-mail infrastructure
  • Recipients can respond using the same process


Practical guide – How secure is my e-mail traffic?

Get valuable tips on increasing e-mail security in our free guide.

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Flexible and simple e-mail signatures - With NoSpamProxy Disclaimer.

Keeping e-mail signatures consistent and up to date is a constant challenge for IT departments. Making this reality unnecessarily ties up resources or must be achieved using niche tools that have to be maintained as an extension of the respective e-mail server. The secure e-mail gateway NoSpamProxy solves these issues, making the purchase of additional software redundant.

  • Centralised and easy e-mail signature management
  • Variety of templates
  • Individual or group-specific for departments, campaigns and fairs
  • Rules for sending—who, when and what

Complete e-mail security also in the cloud.

The complete range of NoSpamProxy features are also available in the cloud. Whether anti-spam, e-mail encryption or easily and securely sending large files, each module can be used in the cloud or in a hybrid scenario.

NoSpamProxy Cloud™ at a glance.

NoSpamProxyCloud™ provides the full and certified protection of NoSpamProxy Module Protection, Encryption and Large Files as a Managed Service. IT security made in Germany – Straight from the vendor and available via your IT partner. Benefit from the swarm intelligence of a customer base that is predominantly located in Europe. Configuration and surveillance of the NoSpamProxy Cloud Managed Service is aligned accordingly. Larger customers with individual and intricate requirements can benefit from our private stack that implements their bespoke e-mail security policy on the basis of the most modern automation technology.

NoSpamProxy Cloud is the only managed e-mail security service that offers a private stack!

The quarantine trap of regular cloud solutions for e-mail security.

All cloud solutions advertise significantly lower administration effort and cost savings. For e-mail security the main problem lies in the continuous management of spam and quarantine folders as it can become hugely time-consuming! NoSpamProxy Cloud does without quarantine folders due to its proven and unique level-of-trust technology. Onboarding is also much easier, now taking only four steps.

no proxy

Bechtle Hosting & Operations GmbH offers you its managed anti-spam service to secure your e-mail communication via NoSpamProxy and its experts will support you in planning and implementation.

This offer is available as a cloud service and as a private cloud service if requested.

The anti-spam service can be supplemented with e-mail encryption if required.

Please direct your questions towards our specialist sales team.


  • Centralised and easy e-mail signature management
  • Variety of templates
  • Individual or group-specific for departments, campaigns and fairs
  • Rules for sending—who, when and what

E-mail security funded by the state.

Under the Hospital Future Act (KHZG), the Federal Government, states and hospital operators have made 4.3 billion euros available since the beginning of the year for the modernisation of hospitals. Of this, 645 million euros must be invested in more IT security, which makes this a good time to protect yourself from the dangers of malware, trojans and the like.

A joint offer from Bechtle and Net at Work supports hospitals from the application for funds to implementation. Net at Work grants all hospitals special conditions for public clients for procurements supported by KHZG funds, regardless of legal form and funding body. According to a study by the BSI last year, many hospitals have a lot of catching up to do in the area of IT security. Reliable protection against the dangers of e-mail communication is often at the top of their wish list, because attacks on e-mail communication are becoming increasingly professional and perfidious—and unfortunately  more often successful than not. So far, there has all too often been a lack of the necessary budget, user acceptance or resources for implementation and support. There are now solutions to all three of these problems.


Advice on certificates.

The use of certificates for e-mail encryption in organizations is significantly simplified with the gateway solution NoSpamProxy. Nevertheless, in practice, before the purchase, there are always questions and a need for advice. Bechtle cooperates with the Bonn-based company SSLplus on the subject of "certificates" and can provide technical and commercial support for relevant questions. SSLplus, in turn, is a qualified NoSpamProxy cooperation partner and can therefore advise you specifically on the configuration of certificate management for your NoSpamProxy Encryption installation. This way you will receive a tailor-made certificate solution for your company and your NoSpamProxy.


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