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Nutanix makes managing IT infrastructure so simple that it becomes invisible so that IT departments can focus on the applications and services that drive business success. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform uses web-scale engineering and a user-friendly design to bring together servers, storage, virtualisation and networks in one robust, software-controlled solution with extensive machine intelligence.


An enterprise cloud is an IT infrastructure that is designed to meet your company’s IT requirements in terms of both traditional enterprise and next generation cloud apps. They combine the agility and simplicity of a public cloud with the predictable costs and control of a local infrastructure.


Predictable performance, all possible cloud computing models, robust security and seamless mobility for enterprise apps of all sizes. A single software fabric brings together private and public clouds and offers one click simplicity for the management of multi-cloud deployments. One OS, One ClickTM.

The public cloud benefits you want.
The private cloud controls you need.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS gives you the simplicity and agility of well-known public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), but the security and control you need in a private cloud.


Full Cloud Stack.

Complete IT infrastructure that integrates all computing, storage and virtualisation resources to run almost every application.


One click simplicity.

Consumer-oriented management optimises IT lifecycle management and eliminates the need for specialist teams.


Application deployment in minutes.

Infrastructure delivery in record time. Week and month-long waits for enterprise apps and new workloads are a thing of the past.


Automate application management.

Automate regular IT tasks and provide on-demand IT services to application owners and developers.


Reduce TCO.

Reduce IT costs by up to 60% and see repayment within 7 months.


Hybrid Cloud.

Combine public and private cloud processes with unified management of IT infrastructure and applications.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.

Hyper-convergent infrastructure (HCI): Simplify IT infrastructure

IT has developed from being merely a technical service to a business driver. It has to be configured to meet future needs, but priorities are different depending on the company and decision maker. Goals range from moving workflows to the cloud, integrating modern processes and technologies to expanding automation, reducing costs, increasing performance and avoiding the operation of a shadow IT.

Overly complex infrastructures prevent these goals being achieved. Servers, storage and networks from a variety of vendors need to be kept up-to-date and work in harmony with each other. If you scale one component, it won’t be long before another one starts causing problems. Managing and updating infrastructure is taking up more and more time and in some companies, significantly more time than the applications and services.



The solution: HCI and Enterprise Cloud.

The introduction of a hyper-convergent infrastructure is therefore, usually the right way to go. If planned and implemented correctly, they deliver the following benefits:

  • Consolidation of servers and data centre
  • Private and public cloud in a single operation model
  • Seamlessly in to the cloud and back again: Your applications are running where you want them to be
  • Integration of DevOps and containers
  • Free choice of hardware platforms and hypervisors

Elasticity and other benefits of the public cloud in your own data centre.


The Nutanix range.

Nutanix Core
Nutanix Essentials
Nutanix Essentials

Die bewährteste hyperkonvergente Infrastrukturlösung

Einfache, skalierbare und zuverlässige FILE STORAGE Lösung

Datenbank Management

Einfache, skalierbare und sichere Edge Intelligence für die Echtzeitanalyse

Leistungsstarke, sichere hochintegriere Virtualisierungslösung, Hypervisor-Freiheit

Netzwerk- und anwendungsorientierte Netzwerksicherheit (Micro Segmentierung)

Kubernetes Bereitstellungs-, Betriebs- und Life Cycle


Disaster Recovery Service von Xi Cloud

Infrastrukturmanagement mit nur einem Klick

Selbstservice Portal mit automatisiertem Cloud Life-Cycle


Eine systemeigene Scale-Out-Block


Remote Desktops und Anwendungen im Browser präsentieren


Infrastrukturmanagement mit nur

einem Klick

Skalierbarer, sicherer S3-kompatibler Objektspeicher für

mehrere Clouds

Überwachung von Cloud Umgebungen inkl. Performace Monitoring

  Paas      laaS      SaaS

Multi-Cloud-Optimierungsservice zur Kostensenkung und Compliance-Prüfung


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