QNAP and Seagate NAS bundles.

A perfect match.

QNAP is devoted to providing comprehensive storage solutions, from software and hardware design to in-house manufacturing. And with IronWolf HDDs by Seagate, you can choose the exact reliability you need, backed by 40 years of industry experience.


Why choose a NAS system?

NAS offers a range of benefits. Adding disks allows you to scale your system up to extremely large storage capacities, which are consistently available to all PCs in your network, eliminating the need to manually upgrade each individual client. Fast data throughput means that you can back-up large volumes of data in no time, while the possibility to combine disks into a RAID enables you to dramatically increase reliability while minimising the risk of data loss.


If you don’t want to pick and match all the components you need, you can also choose a NAS that comes equipped with disks, ready to go when you are. Plus, this guarantees that all components are compatible and tested for functionality. And if a component should fail after all, your warranty covers the entire system, meaning no stress for you. Our pre-equipped NAS bundles are available with capacities up to 32 TB. And if you need more, you can always add capacity, too.

2-bay NAS.

2-bay NAS systems offer entry-level capacities in a compact and affordable design that gives you reliable storage for your most critical files. You can choose to group disks in a RAID 0 to access the full capacity, or a RAID 1 to mirror data for redundancy and an extremely small risk of data loss. With a choice of capacities from 4 TB up to 16 GB there’s sure to be a NAS that suits your needs.



4-bay NAS.

A 4-bay system adds to the available capabilities. Pre-equipped with higher capacities up to 32 TB, you can also group disks in a RAID 5, RAID 6 or RAID 10, in addition to RAID 0 and RAID 1. An optional hot-spare drive enables a fast and flexible response if one disk fails. Depending on the model, these systems also offer additional upgrade options such as scalable capacity, M.2 or PCIe slots.






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