Seagate Storage Systeme
Seagate Storage Systeme


Seagate Storage Systems.



Tailored storage solutions from a single source.

Seagate’s storage solutions offer tailored solutions that can be optimally attuned to your needs. Based on intelligent firmware that enables high-capacity systems to achieve lightning-fast 600k IOPS with only 1 ms latency, any enterprise can access applications and critical data when they need it most urgently.


The storage systems are available either as JBOD or RAID versions:


  • Form factors: 2U12, 2U24, 5U84 and 4U106
  • Up to 1.7 PB storage space in an 4U106* (*based on Exos X16 16 TB)
  • Highest storage space density
  • Everything from a single source


  • Form factors: 2U12, 2U24 and 5U844
  • Up to 1.3 PB storage space in an 5U84* (*based on Exos X16 16 TB)
  • From 100k IOPS through 320k IOPS to 600k IOPS – whichever you need
  • Mix and Match – iSCSI and fibre channel combined with SAS
  • From HDD and Mission Critical to SSD – your imagination can run wild.
Seagate Storage Systeme
Why Seagate?

Seagate has been established on the market as one of the largest systems vendors for more than 40 years. Seagate has everything you need from a single source, from hard drives to system intelligence. Seagate invests in research and development at an industry-leading pace, putting them in the unique position of being able to supply products that target real-world issues. That’s why so many large OEMs have taken up Seagate’s systems.

Seagate Storage Systeme Exos Enterprise Nytro Enterprise
Modular storage components for each company.

Create your own storage solution with high performance, large capacity, and complete cost-efficiency. The Exos and Nytro systems give you secure and unlimited access to your data. With a low maintenance requirement, you can use maximum capacity. Make your company ready for the data demands of the future with 106 16 TB drives. Seagate storage systems solve the storage issues of tomorrow, today.

Your benefits – Everything from a single source.

Data protection scaled at all densities.

Seagate’s patented ADAPT data backup ensures far quicker data restoration than with traditional RAID solutions. In a distributed implementation, the data is distributed to each drive. The more drives, the shorter the recovery time—turning days into mere minutes.

Security measures to master growing cyber threats.

Seagate integrates security software into the storage system as an additional layer of protection against cyber-attacks. The firmware contains both STFP and advanced administration access controls while the self-encrypting drives offer additional security.

Multicore capacity boosts processing efficiency.

This features means that multiple cores can process the data, providing lightning-quick 600k IOPS. This feature is available for the entire system line.

Seagate firmware.

Seagate’s firmware encompasses data management features that enable exceptional performance as well as ground-breaking capacities for the company data centre. Companies no longer have to compromise between the two. Continual service improvements and availability of enterprise-class features are the calling card of Seagate’s firmware upgrades.

Realtime-tiering for data distribution.

Seagate firmware is the industry leader in data tiering, using the high-performance SSDs only for the most critical and hottest data. This unique feature means that SSDs and HDDs are automatically assigned in layers in real time. The Seagate’s tiering software recognises incoming data patterns and distributes the data to the most suitable levels to achieve optimum performance.

Tackling streaming challenges.

The firmware’s streaming feature allows end users to access the data they need, whenever they need it. This applies above all to media environments with high throughput. An advanced quick-locking system, intelligent stream recycling, and a dynamic read-ahead controller makes data streaming with Seagate systems efficient, quick, and reliable.

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