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Product and Licence Consultation.

A lot of companies find it quite challenging to choose the best products and licences for their digital workplaces: Which products best meet the requirements? What needs to be considered in terms of licencing? How can we stick to our budget?


The sheer number of applications and licencing models can lead to uncontrolled and chaotic Licencing Management. There is another way:


We are here to advise you and recommend products and licences that are suitable for your chosen vendors and workplace solutions. What's more, you can use our contract portal to access the online shop allowing you to conveniently purchase software and select the respective licence programmes.


You can be sure that you'll receive the best, un-biased advice and support from our highly experienced and vendor-certified employees.

Questions about Product- and Licence Consulting?

Simply email us at or call us on Telefon +49 7132 981-1600. We’re happy to help.


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Our product and licence consultation provides:

  • Information on vendor roadmaps
  • Support and consultation when purchasing new or additional licences
  • Better conditions thanks to Bechtle and purchasing locally and internationally
  • Support with contract and licence renewals
  • Support with licence management on vendor portals
  • Activation and use of Microsoft Software Assurance Benefits
  • Recommendations for the optimisation of software licence management
  • In-house licencing workshops


Save costs with Bechtle's Software Licence Management.

If you rely on professional software licence management, you can reduce the total costs of ownership (TCO) and save a lot of money. Software licencing constitutes around 5-20% of total IT costs depending on a company's size and structure. The more digital workplaces there are, the more expensive it becomes. Bechtle receives substantially better purchasing conditions that can be passed on to our customers. This means that you will definitely benefit.

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