Package Factory and Managed Installation.

These days, company hardware and software have to be regularly updated. Digital workplaces are most affected, and this leads to a problem: The majority of IT departments only concern themselves with configuring new PCs and notebooks for use and installing appropriate network. As a result, the volume of work steadily increases, but productivity decreases.


The solution: Bechtle Package Factory and Managed Installation Services. We lighten the load and ensure your IT runs smoothly.

Questions about Package Factory and Managed Installation?

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Ready to use thanks to Package Factory.

We provide standardised and efficient applications that are ready for use. The software is recorded, evaluated and interpreted. It is then checked by our specialists and converted into a suitable form As a final step, the package undergoes another technical check and is also tested for quality assurance purposes. This means that the user receives flawless software that works smoothly.

Advantages of the Package Factory:

  • Assessment of the package to be created based on an evaluation matrix
  • Software packaging based on the customer's installation standards
  • Creation of package documentation and handover to the customer
  • Provision of the software package on the Bechtle Hosting Site

Optional services such as compatibility testing, evaluations, quality assurance or changes to software packages can also be added.


Preconfigured and tested hardware.

Our customers can make use of our service to have their PCs, notebooks, servers and other end devices configured and tested in our installation centre before delivery. No matter whether DOA test, BIOS settings, hardware set up or operating system installation, the end user can start work straight away from his digital workplace.

Maybe you need a bit more...

Would you like your employees to get all the equipment they need, for example, a notebook with preconfigured software, notebook bag, mouse and dongle? We provide your employees with everything they need for their jobs. Just get in touch. We are happy to help!

Package Factory Service.

Software is a modern business’s most valuable asset. Upgrades and new versions require strategic planning.

Managed Installation.

The Bechtle Installation Center gives customers the option of enhancing their servers, PCs, notebooks and other end devices before they are shipped out.


The speed of success hinges on how well your employees know their tools. We help you identify suitable seminars and advise you on planning and realising qualification programmes.


Bechtle’s Managed Workplace Services put your focus back on driving your business while we make sure your digital workplaces are up and running at all times.


Our IT business architects and consultants work together with you to develop a strategy for the workplace of the future, whether that is in-house or mobile.


Bechtle can manage the complete lifecycle of your hardware and software, all the way to efficient asset remarketing for that extra bit of financial cushion. 


We recommend products that suit your business, and show you what licences the various vendors offer.


We develop a transition, rollout and service concept that is tailored to your individual requirements. A standardised framework for control and quality assurance ensures the success of the project.


Bechtle Financial Services helps you find the right financial solution for your IT, while, our highly customisable online procurement system, bios®, streamlines your entire ordering process.