IT for financial advisors and investment management at Bechtle.


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Extensibility of hardware modules
If you work in financial or investment consulting, you cover a wide range of tasks. While you keep a close eye on and analyze your customers' asset situation, you also plan their finances with an eye to the future. You will also document investments and their potential risk level. Close communication with customers and individual adaptation to their situation and circumstances is essential here. To ensure that all these processes run smoothly, the right hardware and software are essential for a wide range of financial services.

Attractive information presentation with public displays.

In the past, flyers and posters were used to inform customers in the hospitality industry, for example, about the food on offer or planned events. Nowadays, public displays can be used for this purpose. These monitors allow you to display selected content, such as the menu or current special offers, in the highest quality. It is also possible to set an automatic, time-based change of the display without any problems. This appealing way of conveying relevant information to potential guests increases both customer convenience and satisfaction. In addition, the use of Public Displays promotes faster processing, as visitors are already able to check event data or decide on a menu before a personal consultation.

Modern cash register systems for the catering industry.

Modern cash register systems are indispensable for providing the best possible service to guests. Mobile or permanently installed, they represent a user-friendly cash register solution. After a professional installation, the clear interface allows a quick training of personnel. This increases the quality of your service in a timely manner. In addition to processing sales and purchases, the POS software from our range is also suitable for storing important information. Thus it can already be seen on the device whether products are in stock and can therefore be offered. An efficient overview is combined with maximum customer satisfaction.

High customer convenience through access points.

It's hard to imagine everyday life without Internet access. Many people no longer want to do without it, even when they're on the road. To ensure that your guests enjoy maximum convenience in your business, it is therefore worth setting up an access point. Connected to a router via Ethernet cable, an access point allows uncomplicated Internet access in an area designated by you. The use of such a device and the resulting freely available WLAN for guests not only has a noticeable effect on customer acquisition. A free Internet connection also invites guests to stay, which in turn can increase sales.

Video systems with network cameras.

Businesses that have high customer traffic are also exposed to a certain risk. The areas available for customers and clients quickly lose visibility, especially at peak times. Both in terms of service to your guests and video surveillance of areas intended only for staff, video systems with network cameras are the ideal solution. On the one hand, this allows your staff to always have an eye on the sales floor and see promptly when a guest wants attention. On the other hand, you can ensure that unauthorized access or destructive handling of your property can be recorded and thus traced. Your satisfaction, as well as that of your guests, is our top priority at Bechtle.

Reliable multifunction devices and cash register printers.

In both the hotel and catering industries, creating information-bearing documents is part of the service you offer. It is also often necessary to exchange information with other companies, such as suppliers. To ensure that these processes also run smoothly, reliable multifunction devices are indispensable. Scanning, copying, printing and optionally faxing can be done in just a few simple steps. Thanks to the simple connection via cable or network, confirmations for guests in the hotel or invoices for buyers in the retail trade, among other things, can be produced and made available quickly. In Bechtle's product range, you will also find POS printers that you will use every day in your work. Connected to your IT infrastructure, you can put the most important purchase and sales information on paper for your guests and customers. Thanks to the direct thermal printing method, no ink is required, which makes maintenance uncomplicated.