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Bechtle is building the future.

All sights are locked on growth. While the diggers have long since gone from the headquarters in Neckarsulm and the Gaildorf site, in other places, it’s all kicking off. Building work is currently taking place across eight Bechtle branches in Germany and Switzerland—from small alterations to entire new buildings on greenfield sites. One thing is certain, idle time is not an option.

New building in Dortmund.

Since 2010, Bechtle has also called the Ruhr Valley home. During this time, the Bechtle Dortmund IT Systems House has developed swiftly, like the city itself. In 2018, a large new development in Phoenix West, the western area of the former Dortmund Steelworks, welcomed 150 extra Bechtle staff. And just three years later, Dortmund is building again. Right opposite! In progress is an IT campus for several Bechtle companies, a meeting place for all employees, and a place for training and events in Dortmund.

Crunching the numbers.

  • 4,740 square metres of modern office.
  • 975 square metres of warehouse and logistics space.
  • 300 workstations
  • ETA January 2023
Little extras.
  • Solar and photovoltaic installations
  • Electric car charge points
  • Restaurant with roof terrace
  • Nursery with all-day care (third-party company)
  • Co-working environment for employees, partners, and customers


New building in Rottenburg am Neckar.

From the Ruhr Valley’s largest city to calm and tranquil Rottenburg am Neckar. Rottenburg and its surroundings are somewhere between urban and rural. “As an employer, modern buildings are of course positively received here,” says Alexander Hofmann, Managing Director of Bechtle’s Rottenburg IT Systems House, with a grin. This was not, of course, the reason for the new building on Peter-Schaufler-Straße. It was down to the rapid growth of the site—above all of teams who advice customers of technologies such as AI, IoT, and IT architecture concepts. “The new building sends a clear signal to the region: We are the partner here for SME digitalisation,” says Alexander Hofmann.

Crunching the numbers.
  • 1,800 square metres
  • 90 workstations
  • Ready by Q1 2022
Little extras.
  • Solar and photovoltaic installation
  • 10 electric car charge points
  • Modern interior architecture that promotes collaboration
  • Inviting break rooms, terraces, and balconies

New building in Ettlingen, near Karlsruhe.

Digitalisation has history in the technology region of Karlsruhe. And Bechtle has been part of it, with its Karlsruhe IT Systems House opening in 1995. The building currently in use was finished in 2021 and has become too cramped. The new building will be almost twice the size and rehome Managing Director Richard Einstmann and his team in Ettlingen. But they’ll have company. “We’re starting a shared building with our Bechtle specialist colleagues from Stemmer, Hansevision and SolidLine and hope to bounce synergies off each other,” Richard Einstmann reports.

Crunching the numbers.
  • 4,100 square metres
  • 300 workstations
  • ETA Q3 2023
  • Multi-story carpark
Little extras.
  • Neighbouring river as a source of energy for heating and cooling
  • Electric car charge points
  • Company restaurant



New building in Gaildorf.

Bechtle’s finance division has been in Gaildorf since 1994, The new building came about in direct connection with the company building on Bechtle Allee 1, occupied in 2009, and was finished in November 2021. The new office building also houses parts of the Bechtle Group’s in-house IT department as well as a further branch office of Bechtle direct Germany, the IT e-commerce subsidiary based at Group headquarters in Neckarsulm. “This new building enables us to add interesting job opportunities at the location, reflecting Bechtle’s continuous growth,” says Stefan Sagowski, Executive Vice President responsible for finances at Bechtle AG.

Crunching the numbers.
  • 1,800 square metres more space
  • 100 new workstations
  • Ready by Q3 2021
Little extras.
  • Electric car charge points
  • Geothermal
  • Attractive and future-oriented workstations

New building and renovation in Mägenwil.      

In 1996, Bechtle began its international spread into Switzerland. And a lot has happened since then. Including in Mägenwil in the Swiss Canton Aargau, Bechtle Schweiz AG’s headquarters in German-speaking Switzerland. The existing building, from 2014, had long been too small for the growing number of employees. A new building with a direct link to the existing building—which will also be given an overhaul—should remedy this.

Crunching the numbers.
  • Space to be doubled to over 6,000 metres squared
  • 270 workstations
  • Some 100 parking spaces incl. 15 e-charge points
  • Ready by Q3 2022
  • Renovations of existing building ready Q1 2023
Little extras.
  • Cafeteria with 100 seats and roof terrace
  • Customer zone with demo room and event area
  • Photovoltaic installations and geothermal energy
  • Open room concept with meeting lounges and phone boxes


And what else is happening?

Ulm is pursuing a two-layer concept: Renovation of the current building in Magirus-Deutz-Straße is currently being undertaken. The measures are comprehensive and give the building a totally new, open-plan office structure. And a terrace with sunshade and a cafeteria will become the central meeting points for employees. “We wanted to bring people and ideas together, while making the office a place where people feel at home,” says Karl-Heinz Hering, Managing Director of the Ulm IT Systems House. And Bechtle Ulm is beginning to consider a new build in the region. The IT Systems House has another site—in Bavarian Augsburg. Here, additional offices are being rented in the building to create a better working atmosphere and facilitate growth.

In Chemnitz and Aachen too, the IT Systems Houses are investing in revitalising their existing office spaces. The aim: Cutting-edge room structures, creating communication areas and meeting points that are attractive for all employees—existing and prospective.

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