Anne Funke

Networker, problem-solver, community manager, passionate communicator and all-round happy person.

The secret of her success is communication. Anne Funke is a networker to the core and comes with an inexhaustible supply of helpfulness. Her greatest strength is building thriving communities. She brings people together into an environment of openness and trust where they can learn from each other and solve their problems together. One of the most important jobs of the future in our eyes.

And what sounds natural is actually a great deal of work that can only happen with an abundance of passion, determination, and energy—and this is just what Anne Funke has. Just talking to her gives you a boost of positive energy and infectious optimism. A woman that firmly believes in the power of the community and yet might not even realise that she is the driving force.

An example of the Bechtle E-business community with just over 90 employees from across the Bechtle locations. Their joint workspace and pool of knowledge can be found on SharePoint, for starters.

They were united by the challenge of smoothly migrating customers to a new e-procurement platform. Collaborative ideas and requirements were also worked on and promoted. Sounds easy, but it was far from it.

That everything worked out in the end is down to a harmonious community that rarely made the same mistakes twice and committed to learning and encouraging each other. This brings with it both speed and quality to projects—and also community satisfaction and enthusiasm. Anne Funkes has a very simple tip for success: “We just need to talk more.”


I love this piece of kit: My robot lawnmower!

My motto: The world belongs to those who don’t beat around the bush, who seize the moment.

My job goals: The only way the achieve great work is to do what you love.

Something I’m really good at: Talking. Getting on people’s nerves. Laughing.

These values are important to me: Honesty. Reliability. Fairness.

Bechtle is sustainably successful because: The best work together. #OneBechtle

Where I still want to go: Windsor in the USA, to visit my stem cell recipient. It hadn’t been possible with her state of health and then Corona came...

The world would be a better place if... we always had to repair what we break.

Sometimes I wish I were: lighter.

Martin Pfütze

Man of action, freethinker, team player, loyal contributor and empathetic humanitarian.

It all started by chance. All Martin Pfütze wanted was to leave school and start his working life. But it all seemed very difficult—until his brother told him about a poster he’d seen at the CCI. Vocational training in warehouse logistics at Bechtle? “Why not?”, thought Martin Pfütze and joined as an Azubi trainee in 2006.

He was quickly assigned demanding tasks, his mentors encouraged him, and he realised himself that he was capable of more. With energy and ambition, he succeeded his traineeship by completing his master’s degree in warehouse logistics quicker than anticipated and moved to Returns and Replacement Parts Management, also taking on the role of trainee supervisor. Alongside his career, he then completed the next level of education to become a technical business specialist. His strengths are people management and employment law—bringing him ever closer to his true calling.

In 2015 he moved to Human Resources to work as an in-house business partner between the Neckarsulm IT system house and Bechtle Clouds. He’s been seen as an enriching member of the team at both Bechtle Group companies and features on both of their organisational charts. For Martin Pfütze, this is the “business partner accolade”. While others describe him as extraordinarily engaged, reliable, competent, and professional, he sees his main strengths in his flair for people. Empathy, loyalty, and integrity are the key qualities he needs to do his job well. And it seems to be going perfectly, as when asked, his teams answer with glowing praise, great satisfaction, and real enthusiasm. Once simple seed of chance has grown into an impressive success story.


I love this piece of kit: My Garmin running watch.

I first made money umpiring junior football.

My motto: The desire to win always needs to be more than the fear of losing.

My best pick me up is...: Running.

I’d drop everything for...: My family and friends.

These values are important to me: Loyalty, empathy, trust.

The world would be a better place if... Everyone had more tolerance and acceptance.

I don’t care for: Provisions.

If I could, I would: ... eat endless amounts of gummy bears.

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