Uwe Presler

Uwe, what does your team do and how do our customers benefit from it?

“We are the link between sales and the service units and the latest products available on the market or newly emerging products.” In this intermediary position, me and my team make sure that public sector customers have access to tailored solutions.

What do you like about your job?

I love bringing people and technology together to find the best solution for the customer. It’s my vision for everybody to benefit from open source software and clouds. For the public sector, these technologies are fundamental. They accelerate digital transformation, boost digital sovereignty and are—and this can’t be mentioned enough—are very secure. We’re making Germany’s IT more resilient.

How are you helping to make IT more resilient?

Many public facilities want to reduce the complexity of their IT and increase scalability, while keeping a check on costs. Open source software, cloud computing platforms and virtualisation solutions can help with this. My team and I work with clients to understand their needs and to then present them with a tailored solution.

I love bringing people and technology together. It’s my vision for everybody to benefit from open source software and clouds.

A glimpse of the future – What developments are in store?

In a few years, most public facilities will no longer operate their own data centres. One reason for this is the gradual decline of available specialists, itself a result of demographic change. Thanks to our solutions, these facilities can continue to operate efficiently. We offer the tools required to make sure that everything is secure and efficient in the cloud without having to compromise in terms of data ownership and user experience.

What solutions are you referring to exactly?

Those that are best suited. Customers have access to the entire IT spectrum at Bechtle. Whether it’s proprietary, cloud-native or open source, we can operate it and provide support. Thanks to our extensive Managed Services, management can now focus on what’s most important—core business. We’ll handle the technical details.

So, what’s in the way?

Some are hesitating to make the switch to cloud services and open source software. The reason for this can be complexity, security concerns or purely technical queries. Even antiquated tender processes can get in the way of progress. But we’re there to help them jump these hurdles. And we’re not alone – As a member of the Open Source Business Alliance (OSBA) we have an engaged community that helps us achieve more.