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Do you know how easy, secure, fast and transparent a cloud solution can be?
Bechtle and IONOS offer everything you need when it comes to being successful with and in the cloud—flexibility, scalability and GDPR compliance.

Leverage the benefits:


Excellent value for money for your cloud infrastructure (IaaS).


100 % GDPR-compliant with its own code stack made in Germany.


Intuitive graphical interface and clearly defined APIs.


Use-based, transparent price model without vendor lock-in.


Expert consultation with free 24×7 enterprise-level support.

What are IONOS Cloud Cubes?


With IONOS Cloud Cubes, Bechtle and IONOS are offering a virtual, private server instance with invoicing to the minute. Virtual computing cores (vCPU), RAM and direct-attached NVMe storage ensure fast application responses.

With IONOS Cloud Cubes, you use public and private LANS in combination with the Managed NAT Gateway or Managed Network Load Balancer. The Network Block Storage (HDD and SSD) can be customised according to your needs and you’ll be supported by a backup service.

Directly available instances for your DEV environment.


With IONOS Cloud Cubes, you can create an infinitely scalable development environment and implement specific software requirements in the easy-to-configure server and storage system to the extent you need at any time. For development and test environments (incl. integration into the CI/CD pipeline), you can, for example, use affordable and virtual servers as independent computing capacity for workloads.

IONOS Cloud Cubes works by default with an attached NVMe Volume, which can be expanded with HDD or SSD network block storage as needed.

IONOS Cloud Cubes
IONOS Cloud Cubes
Automate cloud instance configurations.


Using Cloud-Init, you can script and execute various parameters during the initial provisioning of a cloud instance. That way you don’t have to set up parameter values manually after provisioning one or more instances.

You can also create or change new or active users or security settings, update and install Linux VMs using one or more package files, and set owner and file permissions for web directories.

When creating a new virtual instance from a public Linux image, Cloud-Init can be easily accessed via the Cloud API, SDKs, and config management tools as well as the Data Center Designer (DCD). This means a corresponding configuration file can be transferred as part of the provisioning process.

Your benefit? Using Cloud-Init is optional and free of charge.

IONOS Cloud Cubes use cases.

1. Run Cubes on your VMs and LAN.

Simplify your system management and use virtual machines and cubes as desired in the same virtual data centre (VDC) or your LAN. This lets you easily map any non-production-critical use cases across your resources without the extra admin.

2. Create instances for web apps.

Build low-cost and on-demand instances for various applications. IONOS Cloud Cubes are suitable for software development and testing, or hosting simple website, apps, or gaming platforms.


You’re billed to the minute for your chosen components on a pay-as-you-go basis.
Cloud Cubes are currently only available in our data centres in the European Union.








Cubes XS


1 GB

30 GB

€0.0069 per hour

€5.00 per 30 days

Cubes S


2 GB

50 GB

€0.0125 per hour

€9.00 per 30 days

Cubes M


4 GB

80 GB

€0.025 per hour

€18.00 per 30 days

Cubes L


8 GB

160 GB

€0.05 per hour

€36.00 per 30 days

Cubes XL


16 GB

320 GB

€0.10 per hour

€72.00 per 30 days

Cubes XXL


32 GB

640 GB

€0.20 per hour.
€144.00 per 30 days

Cubes 3XL


48 GB

960 GB

€0.30 per hour.
€216.00 per 30 days

Cubes 4XL


64 GB

1280 GB

€0.40 per hour

€288.00 per 30 days

Discover the Bechtle IONOS cloud as an OCRE customer – Made in Germany.


Project OCRE was launched by the pan-European organisation GÉANT. OCRE pursues the ambitious goal of the European research community to make efficient use of the potential of cloud-based services for its work. A framework agreement is the basis for the institutions and companies in 40 European countries to be able to quickly enter the cloud with little administrative effort.

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