Anne Czichos

Anne Czichos.

You have a very impressive C.V. that includes working at the United Nations. That sounds incredibly interesting!

Thank you. That was definitely a fascinating time, during which I worked in many fields—from strategic planning and programme coordination to public relations during peace missions, political missions and the United Nations Development Programme. 

You must have travelled a lot?

Absolutely. While at the UN, I lived in nine countries, but even before that I was on the road a lot. Since childhood, I‘ve lived in a total of 16 countries and visited 87. I lived in New York where I studied political sciences and Cairo where I focused on Middle Eastern studies. 

Wow! So, what drove you to give up that line of work?

After ten years spent in Mali, Iraq, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic, I really yearned for some stability in my life. 

Anne Czichos and colleague

That’s understandable, but how did you come to think of a career in IT?

I’ve always been interested in IT and started to develop websites and learn programming languages during my studies. It was something I really enjoyed. Working at the UN, I also saw the massive difference technology can make on peoples’ lives around the world and that’s why I started looking for a way into the industry.

And then you discovered the FIT programme. What was it that particularly appealed?

It was the mix of hard and soft skills, but it was also great to go through this massive change with others and discover the Bechtle world together as a group.

What’s the biggest draw about Bechtle as an employer?

That was definitely the opportunity to be part of a highly-motivated team and collaborate on exciting projects for well-known customers.

Be brave! The FIT programme makes it easier than you think. 

Anne Czichos

What skills and experience from your previous job can you apply in your new role?

I have a lot of experience in structuring and planning complex tasks, plus I’m well-versed in working with inter-departmental teams. I’ve always found it important to contribute to the smooth running of an organisation through better planning, structure and communication.

Did you face any challenges during the programme?

It was tough to be out of my comfort zone and start from scratch in a completely new field, but I learned that I can apply a lot of my previous experience here, too.

What are your long-term goals as an IT project manager? 

I love solving complex problems, so my aim is to manage large, innovative projects that have a transformative effect on as many people as possible. 

What’s your advice to others who are thinking of making a career change?

Be brave! Think hard about what it is that you want, but don’t take too long. The FIT programme makes it easier than you think.

Thank you so much for the interview, Anne. 

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