A four part series.

Data form the foundation of understanding the world as it is today and shape it for tomorrow. Climate data, traffic, data, health data, economic data—it’s all measured and verified to ascertain, understand and, if possible, optimise current conditions. To make all this possible, you need sensors that collect weather data, smart metres to record energy consumption, networks to transmit all these data, plus hardware and software to process and analyse them and to create models and prognoses. This all works very well already in some areas, but in others results are still very fragmented.

Part 4: Hardware recycling.

The Bechtle Sustainability Strategy 2030 covers a broad range of programmes, objectives and measures that can be found in update 03.2021. Bechtle Remarketing plays a particularly important role as it underscores the growth in the reuse of IT hardware. Bechtle takes back used PCs, notebooks, monitors, tablets, smartphones and even servers and network systems and readies them for reuse. The peak year was 2020 in which 123,000 IT devices were given a new lease of life. Bechtle has now established a hub in Wesel where all the necessary work can be carried out under one roof.

Give a second life.

This doesn’t just mean technical work, but also the certified, secure erasure of all data. Bechtle also takes care of all the logistics, reconfiguration and customer rollout. Any devices that can’t be reused are taken apart, recycled or professionally disposed of. Remarketing is at the core of a comprehensive circular economy concept that will be rolled out across the entire Bechtle Group. A pilot phase is currently being carried out at ten Bechtle companies.

Bechtle has set up a new in-house qualification programme with the aim of training Digital Sustainability Consultants to offer customers advice on how to make their IT strategies more sustainable.

This is an excerpt of an article in the print edition of Bechtle update 02/2018.



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