Health has never been more important.

Essential solutions for healthcare heroes.

The healthcare market is facing momentous changes and doctors, nurses and administrators need new solutions now.

The past year has seen traditional concepts being thrown out of the window as we have been faced with all new challenges. Not least because of advancing digitalisation, outdated structures have been broken down and technology is opening the door to new ways of treating and caring for patients. Today, hospital staff are working on tablets, sharing confidential patient data over secure connections and networking with colleagues in other departments and beyond. Rarely has a market been in such flux as we are currently seeing in the healthcare sector, and this is putting pressure on the IT as doctors, nurses and administrators need new solutions right now.

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Themenwelt Apple


A new way to treat patients.

The iPad is having an increasing impact on how doctors and nurses engage with their patients. A hospital’s clinical teams tend to be constantly on the move and are always 100% focussed on their patients’ needs. iPadOS devices with their multitude of individual apps perfectly complement this way of working. Doctors can access patient data more quickly, nurses can ensure higher levels of safety when it comes to their patients’ medication, and patients are better informed. An iPad means you aren’t stuck behind a computer screen and that you have all the information you need where you need it the most – at the patient’s bedside.


Themenwelt Cisco


Because being connected is key.

These days, doctors consult with connected specialists, communicate with relatives and students, and discuss emergency treatment with staff at the scene of the accident, making a top-class connection absolutely essential. With Cisco Meraki MG Cellular Gateways, you can extend a 5G signal to every corner of your facility. By leveraging an intuitive, browser-based interface like Meraki Cloud, devices across multiple hospitals can be managed with ease. And distance is the last thing on your mind when communicating using Cisco Webex Desk Pro. The all-in-one video device’s generous 68.6 cm (27.0") 4K touch display, high resolution camera and active noise cancellation ensure excellent connectivity with the outside world.


Themenwelt Paessler

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor.

Stay on top of your hospital infrastructure.

Modern healthcare facilities are highly digitalised, but to ensure that systems work seamlessly and confidential patient data remain protected, you need a first-class monitoring solution. PRTG from Paessler is not only the world’s leading IT monitoring solution, but also supports the most important transfer protocols used in hospitals, HL7 and DICOM, enabling centralised, software-based monitoring of IT and medical environments. Comprehensive options for alerts and visualising detected data in dashboards and reports ensure your critical infrastructure operates smoothly.


Themenwelt Ergotron


Unhindered visits.

Ergotron understands how hospitals operate. Based in St Paul, Minnesota, the company has been developing products to improve the daily lives of people for years. Special mobile devices remove the technical hurdles that make effective care difficult in care facilities. Ergotron’s medical carts relieve staff, optimise processes and enable 24×7 operations even at mobile workstations. CareFit series devices support hospital-based digital processes with the aim of creating dynamic working environments that are easy to adapt.


Themenwelt GETT

GETT InduProof® keyboards.

Perfect for use in medical environments.

Medical facilities expose keyboards to very different challenges compared to office and home environments. GETT’s silicone keyboards are easy to clean and are therefore ideal for use in areas with strict hygiene requirements. All InduProof® keyboards are made in Germany, have a comfortable key design and are very durable. The classic version comes with a full set of keys as well as a numpad. The Smart Touch model is equipped with a touch pad and the Smart Compact is perfect when space is at a premium. The keyboards are waterproof and can be fully immersed in cleaning solutions, or disinfected using spray.


Themenwelt Otterbox


Specialists in care.

With its protective cases, OtterBox has been working hard for over two decades to make sure your devices are protected – all day, everyday. Doctors today are as much reliant on their digital devices as they are on their medical training. No matter if they are checking spreadsheets on their tablets or agendas on their phones, mobile end devices are indispensable and need to be protected. Thanks to a special anti-microbial surface, OtterBox covers keep most everyday bacteria at bay. They are also rigorously drop tested in accordance with military standards and are certified with Drop+ so that frontline medical staff can ensure the well-being of their patients.


Themenwelt Targus

Targus DefenseGuard™.

A new standard in clean.

In healthcare, cleanliness is essential. Targus meets this demand with its award-winning antimicrobial product range. With its DefenseGuard series products – keyboards, mice, tablet and notebook cases – antimicrobial protection is infused into the materials during production. Unlike post-production coatings or topically applied sprays, this reduces germs by more than 99.9%. Independent laboratory tests have demonstrated a reduction in Staphylococcus aureus (staph) and Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria on product surfaces and touch points. The products offer three levels of antimicrobial protection – basic, integrated and active.


Themenwelt HP


Protect your patients’ privacy.

From 1 January 2022, all hospitals will be obliged to take necessary precautions to protect their IT and information security and investments can be funded within the framework of Germany’s Hospital Future Act.


Themenwelt Dell

Dell Technologies.

Offers and solutions for the healthcare sector.

Advancing digitalisation in the healthcare sector is bringing with it enormous opportunities for the entire industry. To ensure the changes being made are a success, a strong partner is a must. A partner who is on hand with the optimum combination of technology, content and expertise. A partner like Dell Technologies.


Themenwelt HAMA


For professional use in healthcare.

The requirements on brackets used in publicly accessible buildings are quite extensive due to the criteria of recognised testing institutes. Our TV wall brackets for the public sector, hospitals and medical practices have been specially designed for commercial premises.

Features of Hama brackets at a glance:

  • Can be padlocked to prevent theft
  • Load-tested with up to five times the recommended weight
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty