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Secure and smart remote work.


Remote work— it’s hard to imagine a world without it. Many companies see the potential for growth and innovation in it, while the importance of flexibility is playing an increasingly significant role for employees. But this development is posing the IT departments of SMBs with new and complex challenges: The security and simplicity of administrating dispersed workplaces and networks as well as access to public infrastructures must be maintained—often with very few staff and under a lot of time pressure. 

Intelligent and secure solutions are decisive in making remote working efficient for SMBs. This is where Bechtle’s custom-tailored offerings come in that are based on intelligent cloud solutions by Cisco.

An increasing need for remote work meets limited IT resources—entailing a need for intelligent solutions and easy management.

 full-time positions.
The size of average IT teams in SMBs. This is not sufficient for managing remote work.1
 of IT admin working hours is spent on maintenance and support with little time left for innovations.2
of companies provide their employees with some form of remote work.3

Get to know Cisco’s solutions for remote work.

Cisco Meraki
Cisco Meraki.

The extensive Cisco Meraki portfolio features a wide range of security mechanisms for your network and supports you in gearing your company for continual success.


Cisco Secure Connect
Cisco Secure Connect.

Cisco Secure Connect is a SASE solution for the hybrid world of work that enables you to integrate employees, devices and applications simply and securely into your network.


Cisco Umbrella
Cisco Umbrella.

Cisco Umbrella is a cloud-based security solution that blocks requests from dangerous or unwanted domains before they can establish a connection to your network or endpoints.


Cisco Duo
Cisco DUO.

Cisco Duo offers businesses a user-friendly zero-trust security platform to protect access to important applications—any time, anywhere. Thanks to various two-factor authentication options (2FA) including the lightning fast Duo - Push authentication at the touch of a button, user verification is child’s play.



ThousandEyes is designed for all networks. Companies can view and analyse upcoming traffic in their own physical network and the cloud. 

Specially designed for digital companies that rely on cloud and the internet, ThousandEyes offers unmet visibility and insight into digital customer experiences, from every cloud to every employee and customer.  ThousandEyes supports companies and service providers in their collaboration to enhance the quality of their digital user experience. 

Cisco – Relieve IT

Smart solutions by Cisco that will take the weight off your IT’s shoulders.  

Security, reliability and user-friendliness are at the heart of Cisco’s solutions for remote work. Bechtle and Cisco support mid-sized companies with the new normal of the hybrid world of work and understand the challenges IT teams face, as they have to get more work done with fewer resources. 

This is why Cisco Cloud solutions enable the efficient implementation of security guidelines, deep insights into your network and applications and simplify the management of multi-site networks. With Cisco, your employees can work securely and wherever they are, while IT management is simplified by the Meraki dashboard.

Easy management of dispersed IT environments.



Simple implementation of security guidelines.



Insights into networks, applications and the internet.


Security and monitoring.

Networks for multiple locations.

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