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Synology NAS System 

AirPort Time Capsule

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Time Machine Backup


iOS Education




iPad Pro with pen +




Apple TV 2

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JAMF Casper Suite


We have integrated innovative hardware into various solution scenarios to be able to show interested customers the solutions in action for different requirement scenarios. The solutions are setup as follows:


Apple Configurator 2: 

The foundation for iOS device management. Cost neutral but still very powerful. For all scenarios that require a local connection of devices.


Apple Profile Manager: 

The expanded foundation for iOS and Mac OS. Mobile Device Management „ light. Simple and yet powerful MDM for standard requirements – made by Apple.


JAMF Casper Suite: 

The high-end solution for Apple devices. Powerful solution for iOS and Mac OS. The free additional solution CASPER Focus is ideal for classroom-specific requirement.


With the iPad in the classroom, learning and teaching is suddenly fun and more interesting. Teachers today are often faced with the challenge of keeping their pupils' attention on the materials that need to be taught and steering them away from surfing the Internet or playing games. JAMF has the perfect solution for this. With Casper Focus this is no longer an issue. At the swipe of a finger, teachers can turn their pupils' attention to a specific app or a Safari webpage. And since the work can be done on their iPads, more valuable time is gained in class through improved classroom control.


The recommended and required IT infrastructure for operating these solutions is also included, for example, the Apple Time Machine (for backups) and Apple TV (for connecting the projector). Experience efficient solutions in action in real-life scenarios. Make an appointment with one of our specialist teams, today, with no obligation. Our certified specialists will help you with the integration and operation of the solution in your business.




iOS in education.

The best learning experience just made better.

Technology can change how we learn. And the iPad, with its powerful features and apps, opens up whole new motivating ways to learn. The iOS 9.3 Beta provides a glimpse into what's to come with all new functions making it easier for schools to deploy their devices, where they are most mobile: in the hands of the pupils.

Shared iPads in schools.

Pupils can log in on every iPad in every classroom and access their content.


  • Access to learning materials more quickly and easily
  • Pupils continue right where they left off
  • Pupils find their iPad quickly with photo ID
  • Works with Apple IDs

The new classroom app.

Teacher can guide their pupils, watch their progress and help them focus.


  • Start and lock apps remotely
  • See what the pupils are doing with screen view
  • Share a pupil's work on the television
  • Reset forgotten passwords directly in the classroom

Apple School Manager.

There is now a portal that lets administrators do everything from creating Apple IDs, to purchasing apps and preparing devices for MDM.–


  • Quick setup and go
  • Manage MDM registration for all devices
  • Create accounts for pupils, teachers and administrators
  • Buy and distribute apps
  • Create and manage courses

Manage Apple IDs.

Managed Apple IDs are a kind of new ID for schools. They are setup and administered by the school.


  • Support for multiple roles
  • Created and managed in the Apple School Manager
  • Enables access to all important services
  • Can be integrated with school information systems
  • Pupils can take their managed Apple ID with them when they graduate from the school
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