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Can iPads help with migration, integration and inclusion? 

A school that is inclusive is a a school for everyone: children with and without a disability learn together and can fully develop their individual skills. Every child has the same opportunity and the same right – to education regardless of their strengths and weaknesses.– These are the core virtues of inclusion and the goals of the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities which has applied in Germany since 2009.

Language is acquired through listening, speaking and reading. The iPad comes with system-integrated accessibility features, e.g. VoiceOver, which reads on-screen text aloud. The dictation function lets you turn the spoken word into text. This lets you experience language directly on all levels, offering a very useful tool and making it easier to learn a (foreign) language. This is particularly helpful, for example, for teaching refugee children, who have only a limited language proficiency and can receive help from their relatives only much later.


iPads are also the ideal companion for young pupils with special needs. For example, children who have deficiencies in reading, mathematics, social skills or an attention deficit disorder. But also exceptionally gifted children and youth need specific and individual encouragement. iPads can help create differentiated and individualized learning possibilities and also enable a variety of different learning situations that are suitable for the diversity of pupils.
 iPads let you utilise the full potential of all learning and development possibilities at every level of learning.


The integrated accessibility features of the iPads allow all pupils to learn together, whether they have a physical disability or not. iPads enable barrier-free access to learning material so that nothing gets in the way of being able to actively participate in the lesson.

iPads break down the physical barriers of different skill sets separating pupils and bring them closer together for a more successful learning experience.„„


How the macOS and iOS accessibility features make technology accessible to everyone:


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